I just now saw a copy of one of the final issues of the now-unfortunatley-defunct Urban Climber Magazine, which closed shop a week or so ago after a long run of one of America’s few climbing magazines.

In it is a story about Santa Barbara that I provided pictures for, kinda like the recent story for Britain’s Climb magazine.

The other story I provided some photos for was an article about the best 100 boulder problems in America. You’ll find my bro Terje Aamodt on Bishop’s uber-proud Atari (V6) (that’s the second page, upper right corner) as well as a random dude I shot about 10 years ago on Streetcar Named Desire (V6) in Joshua Tree (that’s the guy in the purple shirt on the right half of the first image, hanging by two hands and shot from above).

I didn’t shoot the cover but am including it for reference.


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