Woman trail running in Norway

Adventure Photographer Nathan Welton

Hi, and thanks for visiting Nathan Welton Photo. I am an adventure photographer and my images are available for global commercial and editorial purposes. Please get in touch for licensing details; some images are available directly through me, while others are available through my stock agencies, Aurora or Gallery Stock. My adventure photos span the globe, from climbing in Thailand, backpacking and cycling in the United States, bouldering in Australia, scuba diving in Mexico, and trail running and winter sports in Norway. If you need any adventure or outdoor lifestyle images for your product or advertising needs, please get in touch. I’d love to discuss how to take your campaign to the next level.

Rock Climbing Photos

Rock climbing photos are my true passion in outdoor photography. I began documenting the mountain world in the late 90s, and haven’t looked back. My climbing photography has appeared in magazines throughout Europe and North America; guidebooks as far away as New Zealand, and in advertising campaigns for countless companies both inside and outside of the outdoor industry. Rock climbing photography has dramatically influenced the way I see shape, texture, form, athleticism, and beauty, and plays a huge role in all images I make.

Bouldering in Rocky Mountain National Park

Ski Photography

I am based in Norway half the year, surrounded by huge mountains and damn good skiers. They say Norwegians are born with skis on their feet, and it’s true, so I’ve taken to producing as much ski imagery as I can when I’m i Scandinavia.

I try to keep up with these vikings in the backcountry, both on skis and snowboards, and when I can’t, I photograph urban skiing or images on the regular slopes.

My ski photography stock collection is rapidly growing, and my urban ski pictures have appeared in magazines and ad campaigns in Europe. Happy to discuss licensing if you’re looking for some iconic photos.

Mountain Lifestyle Images

No trip would be complete without shooting some cool mountain lifestyle images. I’ve got quite a bit from Colorado, Norway and Oceania. You’ll certainly see some as you poke through my site.People interacting with each other, in the wild, natural world, is what makes me tick, and is what makes my subjects tick too.

Freestyle skiing rail slide

Underwater Pictures

Last, I have a great collection of underwater pictures from popular dive sites in Mexico and the Caribbean, all shot with Ikelite lights and housings and Canon full frame bodies. Need a shot of the Blue Hole in Belize? Got it. Need a shot of a moray eel biting off someone’s fin? Check. How about a panoramic image of a stingray for your wall? Got it. All these photographic disciplines are a far cry from how I got started: I actually began my career in photography as a newspaper photojournalist, and soon found myself shooting for one of the largest equestrian magazines in the country. I would shoot assignments up and down the California Coast, and then travel to the Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida each year to produce a year’s worth of magazine content. I moved on from that into adventure and outdoor photography, but I still have a huge collection of stock images of high-caliber equestrian and dressage riders and instructors. Anyway, also be sure to check out my wedding photography at Dreamtime Images and my headshot photos at Headshots Denver. Thanks again for visiting, and be sure to get out there and get after it.

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